At my core I am a Creator. And in a world filled with white noise and a paradox of infinite directions I work with people to bring forth clarity of thought and vision.

With 30 years experience in the multi-media, analog and digital worlds I utilize a variety of creative skill sets from design to fabrication and everything in between that make my contributions to any project unique and effective.

My work has been and continues to be part of award winning productions in a variety of mediums which have also been archived in prestigious institutions.

I'm currently developing Munkee Kittee, a meta-media buddy adventure story, as well promoting a short film, Daniel Merlot's House of the Unholy, that is being recognized world wide in the film festival circuit where I contributed as a writer and development/animation artist. We are currently in pre-production for the next film.

I'm also offering Brand Strategy where I find great rewards working with creators, companies and/or entrepreneurs looking for a more focused and intentional big picture game plan.

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