At my core I am an artist who is able to speak multiple creative languages. Some of my earliest memories are of crafting stories as a child using a chewed on, beat up, erase-less pencil and any kind of piece of paper I could find.

Evolving by curiosity and exploration as I grew. It's in my DNA to create.

With 30 years experience working with updated art tools and at a professional capacity in illustration, comic books, animation, fashion, design, photography, videography, editing, education, world building and brand strategy. I’ve cultivated a range of skill sets that allow me to serve the needs or any unique production effectively.

The work I’ve had the honor to be apart of creatively has been and continues to be award winning productions in a variety of mediums.

Currently I’m developing original intellectual properties like Munkee Kittee. An epic buddy adventure about the first hybrid avatar and an ancient king reborn in a corrupt operating system, discovering a higher purpose while exploring their mysterious unfolding realm together.

House of the Unholy (a Daniel Merlot film) was recently released world wide
where I contributed as a writer, designer, development and animation artist.We are already in pre-production and excited for the next installments.

Brand Alchemy is where I find great rewards working with creators, companies and/or entrepreneurs looking to clarify their story and vision.I apply the same alchemical principles of authentic expression, self mastery combined with world building and character development with those looking to evolve themselves and their brand.

Today I’m successfully utilizing my experience and acquired abilities, building with others in full collaboration and intention. From inspiration to manifestation, I play an important repeatable roll in the transmutation process of solidifying one's ideas into pure gold.

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